Route Multiple WAN IPs on SSG20 using PPPoE

11.15.09   |  
‎11-15-2009 12:49 PM


i am setting up a new PPPoE connection at work and i am new to the juniper SSG20. MY ISP has installed a DSL Service and is currently setup having a linksys modem in bridge withe the juniper SSG20 doing the authenticating.

For examplel i have 5 WAN IP Addresses , ( internet connection WAN IP ) and ( additional WAN IPs ).

i have a mail server that i need setup on an address , say and a ts server that needs to be setup, say on and they need outbound access.

Now i am familiar with creating MIPs, but this doesnt work if you are using PPPoE. i need to know how i can route the additonal IP Addresses on the untrusted interface ( ethernet(0/0) ) so i can added policy rules for outbound and inbound access to those servers.