Unable to setup L3VPN inter-as option A in confederation environnement

‎07-07-2015 09:23 AM

Hi Expert,

  I want to setup L3VPN inter-AS Option A in confederation environnment. But it doesn't work. The network look like this :


  PE1,P1,ASBR1, PE2,P2,ASBR2 belong to confederation 500 with PE1,P1,ASBR1(RR) on sub AS 65450  and ASBR2(RR),P2,PE2 on sub AS6560.

  From CE1 I can reached ASBR1 interface connected to ASBR2 but not the corresponding ASBR2 interface

  From CE2 I can reached ASBR2 interface connected to ASBR1 but not the corresponding ASBR1 interface

 The route from ASBR1 to CE2 is well define but hidden, with the nexthop remote PE2 (loopback) and it's unusable.

 The route from ASBR2 to CE1 is well define but hidden, with the nexthop remote PE1 (loopback)  and it's unusable.

  I can't reach remote PE loopback  from each ASBR.

  But  when I delete de confederation config , set PE1,P1,ASBR1 in AS 200 and set ASBR2,P2,PE2 in AS 300 everything is OK, I can ping CE1 from CE2 and vis versa.

  Thanks to your support.