Using EX3400 as a Router

‎11-09-2016 03:12 PM

I would like to ascertain fitness for purpose of upgrading out network to EX3400 switches.  Your expertise and experience is greatly appreciated; thank you.


We have a small environment (<500 network devices) spread over ~15 sites.  L3 addressing is a single /21 subnet, which spans all sites.  All sites are connected via 1gbps fiber, terminating in a "building switch" at each site.


I have been asked to replace the 10 year old network hardware, and I have proposed EX3400 switches since I am most comfortable with JunOS.


As part of the network hardware upgrade, I have been asked to

  • convert the network to a routed one, whereby each building is a small L3 domain (this is being proposed for management purposes, rather than performance or something else)
  • upgrade the connections between sites to 10gbe (where the existing fiber allows, anyway)

I have experience implementing RVIs on EX3300 switches at other, even smaller organizations, and have yet to encounter performance degradation for using a switch rather than a router to route packets between subnets in those instances.


  • Should I expect that an EX3400 would be sufficient for these routing tasks?  I don't need NAT or anything, just an L3 boundary at each building, basically
  • Should I be considering an SRX device instead?  I am less familiar with those, and in my (admittedly limited) Googling could not locate an SRX with SFP+ ports to support the 10g requirement.

Again, my thanks in advance for sharing your expertise and experience in these areas.


Re: Using EX3400 as a Router

‎11-17-2016 11:29 PM

Based on the specs of the 3400 and your requirements, it seems like this is the right switch. if you are not looking for advanced security features such as zonebased firewalling, UTM etc, then the switch is perfect for yoru environment. I have not heard any complaints about this switch yet so it seems pretty rock solid and stable so far.

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