https enabled web-based emails failing after adding ERX310's and EX4200 into Network

12.06.09   |  
‎12-06-2009 04:18 PM

As anyone else experienced this?


I had 2 x working ERX705 - Version 8.1.2 patch-0.7 [Buildld 9048].

During this time, my users were authenticated on PPPoA. They had no problem accessing gmail emails using https.


Just recently I have added 2 x additional ERX310's - Software Version 10.1.0 release 0.0 [Build 10853]

and another 2 x EX4200 switches - Software Suite [R9.4R2.9] .

Users are now being authenticated using PPoE.


My problem now is that customers using Win XP SP3 and above are accessing gmail emails without having any problem whereas users with Win XP SP2 and below are not able to access gmail messages.

Web access is OK for  these users with Win XP SP2 ....the problem is only with web-based email - Gmail and Yahoo emails.

I don't want to advise my customers to upgrade their Windows XP machines to SP3 or higher. I believe there's something TURNED ON on the ERX310's and/or EX4200 relating to TCP ports that is triggering this.


Any anyone come across any issues like this before? I need your help please.

The last thing I want to do is to do any firmware upgrade, however, I need to put a finger on where the settings are so that I may turn it OFF.


Your thoughts and advise on this would be greatly appreciated.