multiple providers, NOT multihomed

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‎06-26-2008 08:46 PM

Hey all.


I'm pretty new to juniper equiptment and have a rather odd configuration to deal with.  I have two providers (A and B) coming into my network and an internal subnet for each of them such that traffic from subnet A should always use provider A and traffic from subnet B should always go through provider B.  I have a j4350 running junos 9.1es and would like to use the security zone functionality (although none of the interfaces need share a zone). 


Whats the proper way to handle this? logical (virtual) routers?  Is there a simple bit of route policy that can assign a default next hop based on the originating interface? 


Thanks in advance



Re: multiple providers, NOT multihomed

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‎06-27-2008 10:24 PM

You can route traffic with filter-based forwarding. This is similar to policy-based routing in ScreenOS. Here is a link to filter-based forwarding.


It might also be a good idea to separate the two ISP default routes by having one ISP default route in a separate virtual router routing-instance to avoid routing conflicts.


Hope this helps.