nat in juniper

‎04-28-2008 09:12 AM

hi I am new 2 the forum...

have some question regarding NAT in juniper

I was more working with cisco products...first time into juniper..

my question is

1.Why nat configuration is so complicated in juniper.. i read on a doc that its to make the nat service faster ,but the configuration is so touch to digest at first for bigners like me.. Smiley Wink

2.Can anyone provide with a complete nat configuratin example(with service set etc)...i searched and found some docs ,but not a complete one and went myself into a blackhole Smiley Wink

3.Is policy based nat-ing possible in JUNOS..any example on this.....





Re: nat in juniper

‎04-28-2008 10:38 PM

Hi I just got an workaround for point 3(policy based nat).

 3. By using filter based forwarding(FBF)

Can anyone conform if its possible after doing nat??


Re: nat in juniper

‎04-29-2008 01:34 AM


what do you mean in "policy based"?

fow example you may use this link:


keep in mind, that there are several ways fo configuring NAT:

- service-set style, when you configure nat-rules and select traffic for NAT by service-filter

- next-hop-style, when you additionally configure routing-instance and by separate firewall rule select traffic for NAT and put it into routing-instance


 by the way, i think that next-hop-style is more flexible