SDN and NFV Era
SDN and NFV Era
Extending AppFormix Cloud-Native Monitoring to vSphere

AppFormix already supports a diversity of cloud technologies and composable infrastructure environments. Public clouds like AWS, Google, and Azure are supported, and private cloud environments like OpenStack and Kubernetes are on the list as well.


Today, we add a major player to the list of private cloud environments: VMware vSphere.


Enterprises are ditching IT silos and forming collaborative cloud teams to speed time to market of enterprise applications. This cultural transition demands a new set of tools that promote collaboration, offer real-time data analysis, and enable self-service infrastructure management, and that means hybrid cloud.


Features and tooling designed for operators and software developers in the DevOps era—things like operational analytics, capacity planning, state-driven orchestration, role-based showback, and chargeback—are all available now on the same VMware private cloud infrastructure that many enterprises trust. And, features like role based monitoring -as-a-service are now available for the first time in vSphere.


What this means?

The big win for enterprises in the VMware integration is that IT teams can use a single set of advanced tools for monitoring and optimizing their hybrid cloud environments—VMware, OpenStack, Kubernetes, AWS, Google Compute Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Enterprises can have a choice of clouds, move workloads between them and/or manage their transitions seamlessly between cloud architecture or technology choices.


The AppFormix Value Add

Enterprises that rely on VMware and operate hybrid environments now gain several important new benefits with AppFormix:


  1. AppFormix runs across multiple platforms. AppFormix is made specifically for modern, dynamic cloud environments and runs in any public, private, multi-tenant, or hybrid environments.
  2. AppFormix marries short-term application resource management and long-term infrastructure planning. AppFormix offers easy-to-use tools to predict resource usage, proactively identify and fix bottlenecks, and clearly reveal areas where resources are being wasted or areas where resources are needed more abundantly. By considering both short- and long-term infrastructure performance data, AppFormix enables data-driven capacity planning to improve reliability and enhance ROI.
  3. AppFormix offers automated, policy-driven resource orchestration and optimization. Cloud infrastructure is shared infrastructure, and therefore, resource contention is inevitable, but through state-driven automation and policy-based resource utilization, AppFormix removes the guesswork of allocating resources and allows operators to manage more servers with fewer human resources. The result is a cloud environment that is predictable, reliable, and responsive to the needs of applications.


We’re excited to support VMware users with AppFormix software. But, the real win is for organizations that need to manage hybrid environments and provide developers with easy-to-use tools that let their applications perform as advertised while giving operators the control and management tools they need.


Learn more about AppFormix, a new breed of optimization and management software platform for the cloud, here.

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