SDN and NFV Era
SDN and NFV Era
Hope SPRINGs Eternal


There is great interest in the promise of an SDN enabled network. Source Packet Routing in Networks (SPRING) is an SDN enabled method of routing where a centralized controller maintains the network resources and can steer traffic based on the application’s need.


As applications evolve to take advantage of the traffic engineering capability of SPRING, they will need to operate a mixed SPRING and RSVP-TE network. SPRING and RSVP-TE traffic routes independently, but they may share common links. As the applications transition from RSVP-TE to SPRING, Juniper Networks® NorthStar Controller can provide an intelligent interface between RSVP-TE networks and SPRING enabled networks. Operators can stream real-time telemetry data to NorthStar Controller, which provides operational state synchronization with the network element. NorthStar Controller can maximize available bandwidth by informing the RSVP-TE domain of the actual consumption of traffic injected from the SPRING domain.


NorthStar Controller can also receive real-time performance monitoring data from the Junos® Telemetry Interface, or other similar telemetry interfaces. By streaming data to a performance management system, the network administrators have the ability to measure trends in link and node utilization, and troubleshoot such issues as network congestion in real-time. To learn more, download the NorthStar Controller product datasheet.

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