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2 Questions about DYN-VPN

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‎09-07-2011 04:26 AM

Dear ALL,


I have 2 questions about DYN-VPN.


1) When I deploy DYN-VPN on my srx,i attempt login the J-web to config the device,it's redirect the DYN-VPN login UI.

so how can i login the J-web without NO change the system services web-managment http port ?


2)If I config a subnet /24 into the address-assignment pool,how can i view the pool status about how many address are in used and how many address are NOT used?





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Re: 2 Questions about DYN-VPN

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09.07.11   |  
‎09-07-2011 05:10 AM


add to your configuration

set system services web-management management-url MGMT


Thus JunOS UI will be accessible via https://x.y.y.z/MGMT



I don't have huge dyn-vpn implementations and usually

show security ike security-associations detail


is enough for me to see to which peer what local IP has been assigned

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Re: 2 Questions about DYN-VPN

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‎09-07-2011 05:39 AM

thanks you Aigarz,for the questions 2,I know an other commands now,


show network-access address-assignment pool <name>

show security ike active-peer



user@host> show security ike active-peer
Remote Address           Port     Peer IKE-ID       XAUTH username       Assigned
 IP            500      testdynvpn        test       


user@host> show network-access address-assignment pool xauth1
IP address       Hardware address        Host/User                 Type         NA                      jason@dvpn-auth                  XAUTH         NA                      jacky                                         XAUTH