SRX Services Gateway
SRX Services Gateway

ADSL problem requiring an SRX reboot to resolve?

‎10-16-2014 04:00 AM

Last night, I lost connectivity with a satellite site connected over ADSL using SRX110s.


This morning, my site contact said that the SRX110s had their ADSL lights flashing (ie unsynchronized). I requested my site contact to power cycle the SRX110, after which the ADSL resynchronized and I was able to connect to the router.


Looking at the messages log on the SRX110, I can see an SNMP_TRAP_LINK_DOWN early this morning, and subsequent PING_PROBE_FAILED events.


I'm just curious as to why a reboot was required in this case - I'm pretty sure the cause of the outage was external to the site : I have two SRX110s at this site, both connected via ADSL to different providers, and both showed the at-1/0/0 link down events at exactly the same time.


The issue must have been resolved by this morning, since the reboot restored connectivity, but does anyone know if there is any configuration to get an SRX to attempt to resynchronize ADSL automatically in a scenario like this where there is a transient ADSL problem? If I hadn't had a site contact available, I would have been in trouble here.


Thanks for any input.