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Apple TV with Airplay on SRX210 with 11.4

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‎06-26-2013 04:00 PM

Hello, as the title would imply I am attempting to get an apple tv with airplay to work over my network which is composed of a SRX210 Gateway, a Meraki MS22 Switch, and a Meraki AP creating a wifi network. 


I have a single VLAN on which everything is, although devices on the AP have a different set of IP than those on the switch.


Devices such as macbooks running OSX mountain lion (also 2011 models or newer) as well as IOS devices running the latest software versions are unable to see the Apple TV (3rd gen by the way) when it is hooked up either through ethernet or over Wi-Fi. Video streaming services work fine as far as I can tell, but I hope to be able to use airplay and other such features to make presentations and the like.


If anyone could help me figure out what the problem might be, as well as how to fix it I would be very grateful. 


linked here is the config as of this edit


Thank you. 

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Re: Apple TV with Airplay on SRX210 with 11.4

‎06-27-2013 09:06 AM

I'm pretty sure Airplay uses multicast... 


If the source and destination are in different subnets you'll need IGMP enabled..... It's best to keep all apple devices on the same subnets because of Bonjour/Multicast interoperability issues.

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