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Assign public ip to device

‎05-19-2014 11:52 PM



There are 2 "ranges" with adresses assigned by PPPOE:


1 ip address + a range of 4(/30)


Case is to assign 1 public ip(from /30) to a device on the LAN.


this is SRX210 with X44 software.


We've set up proxy arp on wan-interface to be able to use extra-range(/30) and created static one-to-one nat to the device. communication almost ok but I wonder if the NAT maybe causing some problems with video-communication to and from the device.


the device mentioned is a video-conferencing endpoint.


I've tried to search but there are not many topic on this matter,


any help would be appreciated.


Regards, DB.

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Re: Assign public ip to device

‎05-23-2014 01:57 PM

I suggest you look at packet filter security trace options.


Maybe you dont have the right ports open.


I have had this with a Mitel phone system before where the phone would ring but on answer it would be dead.


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Re: Assign public ip to device

‎05-27-2014 07:03 AM

I i understand correctly, you are having minor issues with videos.

Not that the communication is totally broken, but you are getting glitches.

Depending on the type of protocol used by your video conferencing equipment it could be also an alg problem.


need to see which part of the communication is broken, this again depends on protocol in use.

Then we can run flow trace and alg trace to resolve the issue.




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