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BFD issues

‎04-18-2018 04:57 AM

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We are running a OSPF backbone with around 35 routers and 100 routes. The routing table is not that large compared to other systems we have running. If i log into a router that is running OSPF and BFD and simply "run show route" command the BFD session is reset.

Is this normal behavioure? All sessions are dropped and the network reconverges. BFD only drops for one second



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Re: BFD issues

‎04-18-2018 05:06 AM


By the looks of it, You are using:

1/ centralized BFD running on Routing Engine

2/ too aggressive BFD timers

What is the hardware and JUNOS version please?





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Re: BFD issues

‎04-25-2018 12:49 AM

BFD is only running on the interfaces connected between the primary connections between each router. We have had some issues with the microwaving linking dropping in QAM rates which was cauing the odd flap. These odd flap caused us great issues due to the change over ospf holdover timers. BFD is set to 2 seconds which might be a little too agressive. I mentioned this in the desing meeting. The issue is that the equipment we are running see more then a 4 second flag it implments its own failover procresses.