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Backup SRX-650 No ntp requests?

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12.28.10   |  
‎12-28-2010 01:23 PM

My 650 cluster is configured and so far appears to be running properly. I can ssh to the management port of both devices and ping from each back to the ntp server.


When I run ntpdate -u timeserver from the secondary device I get a response and the time is synchronized.


tcpdump on the time server shows ntp requests coming from the primary but (except when running ntpdate) I never see ntp requests from the secondary.


Is this normal or is there something I can add to my config to get the secondary to periodically request sync?



    ntp {
        server timeserver version 1 prefer;


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Re: Backup SRX-650 No ntp requests?

01.04.11   |  
‎01-04-2011 07:26 AM

This KB article kind of hints that it can't be done for some reason:

"You can specify that the system time is retrieved from the NTP server when the device boots or enters a chassis cluster backup state"


Otherwise take a look in the log for the backup device and see if anything stands out: show log messages | match ntp



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Re: Backup SRX-650 No ntp requests?

01.04.11   |  
‎01-04-2011 10:51 AM

set system ntp boot-server [address-of-ntp]

set system backup-router [address-of-nexthop-on-fxp0] destination [network-that-ntp-and-mgmt-is-in]


That should, hopefully, do it. The backup device doesn't have an active RE, which means it needs to get to the NTP server via fxp0. That requires a boot-server to be set as well as a backup-router.


Do let us know whether that works out. If not, and the boot-server is indeed only used at boot, then I suppose a jscript would be the only alternative.