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Bulk upgrade Junos on large quantity of SRX's

‎02-08-2018 11:19 AM

Hi all,


I have a rather large batch of SRX300 (>100) which needs a manual Junos upgrade before they go out.

What I need to accomplish is;


1. Upgrade Junos to 15.1X49-D110 or D120

2. make snapshot of newly updated Junos to alternate partition

3. Reset to factory default config


The SRX300's are delivered with 15.1X49-D70.


First task is easy to accomplish with either ZTP or USB autoinstallation but this will not handle task 2 and 3. Especially 3 is difficult as I cannot put junos-config.conf on the USB drive as the factory default configuration cannot commit due to missing root authentication.


Right now we are talking about unpacking batches of 15-20 boxes with same amount of USB drives and then a serial console server to access multiple devices at the same time.

Any inputs on this task can be optimized will be more than welcome.


Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Jonas Hauge Klingenberg
Juniper Ambassador & Technology Architect, SEC DATACOM A/S (Denmark)
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Re: Bulk upgrade Junos on large quantity of SRX's

‎02-08-2018 11:34 AM



One that i can think of is discovering these X number devices in JUNOS Space Platform and perform the upgrade through the space platform. Refer to this link:


You can install the JS Platform ova package on an ESXiVM, check the minimum requriement etc..etc..

I'm sure there are other ways/tools & may require some script work as well but since these all Juniper nodes, why not utilize Space Platform to automate this process and reduce the downtime.





/Karan Dhanak
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Re: Bulk upgrade Junos on large quantity of SRX's

‎02-08-2018 09:13 PM
Even i feel, junos space will be able to help you for mass upgrade..agreed with Karan.

If you have a speific template to be uploaded, u may use template to upload each switch from space & network director..

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Re: Bulk upgrade Junos on large quantity of SRX's

‎02-11-2018 02:27 AM

Hi Jonas,


I am thinking along the lines of automation. A python script with pexpect would do the job. Not sure if this is feasible.


Iam attaching a sample script. Sorry, did not get a chance to test it. But I believe it would be fairly easy to understand and improvise.