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Configuring BGP

‎08-21-2013 03:04 AM

Hi Everyone,


I am meant to configure the BGP protocol in a Juniper SRX 240 so I can connect it to internet.


I have received a document with the following information:

Private BGP x.y.z.80/30

Private BGP x.y.z.92/30


Primary internet port BGP Peer IP is x.y.z.81 (Customer needs to configure x.y.z.82)

Secondary internet port BGP Peer IP is x.y.z.93 (Customer needs to configure x.y.z.92)


What do I need to do to connect the device to internet ? (my current experience with BGP is quite limited) Is there any configuration guide that I might use ?


Thanks in advance,

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Re: Configuring BGP

‎08-21-2013 11:47 AM

Here's a good place to start...


You'll need to gather some information such as AS numbers, if you're going to use authentication, which routes you're going to send and receive, filters, policies, etc., that may apply to your network...


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