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DDNS Destination NAT

‎04-09-2014 11:42 PM

Hi Experts


I have a SRX550 with ADSL 2 x cards installed. The IP address supplied by the ISP is Dynamic.

I see that ver 12.1X44-D10 supports DYN DNS (finally)



If i deploy this feature, Is it possible to setup destination nat to a dynamic hostname? and if possible, please send me link or the destination nat commands





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Re: DDNS Destination NAT

‎04-09-2014 11:54 PM

Hi Scott,


Ddestination nat config gives following options for destination nat rule match conditions :


+ apply-groups         Groups from which to inherit configuration data
+ apply-groups-except  Don't inherit configuration data from these groups
> destination-address  Destination address
> destination-address-name  Address from address book
> destination-port     Destination port
+ protocol             IP Protocol
+ source-address       Source address
+ source-address-name  Address/address-set from address book


And none of these are dynamic host names.


However you can try configuring an address book with dynamic host name and then use that address book in destination nat and try.


I have not tried this so not 100 % sure if this will work.


If someone has got a better plan, it would be intersting to know.






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Re: DDNS Destination NAT

‎04-09-2014 11:59 PM

Tx for the quick reply!!!


Ill deploy this today and update the forum with my findings and config