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Dynamic VPN client - Access Manager and Windows Vista

10.14.09   |  
‎10-14-2009 11:06 AM

I have set up two notebook computers with the Dynamic VPN client  (Access Manager) from my SRX 210 (now running 9.6R2.11), one is Windows XP PRO, the other is Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit).  Everything appears to work fine on the Windows XP notebook.


However, the Windows Vista notebook, has the following issue.  When connected to the network via a wired connection, within 90 seconds of login and the desktop comming up, the network connection is "unplugged" and no network traffic will come in or go out.  The workaround is to unplug the network cable, wait a few seconds and plug it in again.


 I am baffled, I have not gotten any clues form JTAC as to the cause or potential solutions.


Has anyone else seen this or similar problems?