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Dynamic-VPN logging

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‎11-23-2009 01:55 PM

Does anyone know how I could log when a dynamic vpn session starts, and when it stops.  We are running Solarwinds in-house, so a syslog server is available.  I just cant get it to log when the vpn user logs on/off. Any guidance and or command references would be sincerely appreciated!



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Re: Dynamic-VPN logging

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‎11-30-2009 08:28 AM

OK, TAC kind of answered my question on this one, thought that I would post it for others to see.


Junos 10 added in a bit more logging capability in the standard log messages file.  An example of the logging that is done in Junos 10 can be seen below showing a login and logout.


Nov 27 16:01:07  Router1 httpd-gk: DYNAMIC_VPN_AUTH_OK: user user1 with remote IP authenticated successfully Nov 27 16:01:16  Router1 httpd-gk: DYNAMIC_VPN_CONN_EST_NOTIFY:

Connection manager receives SA established notification for ike-id test1 Nov 27 16:01:17  Router1 httpd-gk: DYNAMIC_VPN_LICENSE_GET_OK: Server successfully got an Access Manager license for user1


Nov 27 16:02:42  Router1 httpd-gk: DYNAMIC_VPN_CONN_DEL_REQUEST:

Connection manager receives delete request from the client for ike-id test1 Nov 27 16:02:42  Router1 rtlogd[988]: DYNAMIC_VPN_LICENSE_FREED: Dynamic VPN license returned, license 50 free, 0 overdrafted, 0 used