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How are Licenses applied in HA Clusters?

11.16.10   |  
‎11-16-2010 06:10 AM

Question:  How are licenses applied in HA Clusters?


Answer:  When you cluster a JUNOS device like an SRX, you must apply the licenses to each respective cluster member.  This means that you must purchase and generate the license for the specific cluster member, and apply the license to the correct member based on the serial number of the chassis for which the license was generated for. 


To apply the license to node 0 you must log into that device and apply it with the "request system license add" command, where you can either apply it directly from the terminal or upload the file to the device. 


You can view the the licenses that are applied ont he node with the "show system license"


Be sure to remember that some licenses are permanent while others will expire after a set period.  For the licenses that expire, you will need to renew your subscription and apply the new license on the device.  You will also need to generate a new license should you have to RMA one of the devices, JTAC can assist with this process as part of your JTAC case.

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Re: How are Licenses applied in HA Clusters?

06.22.11   |  
‎06-22-2011 10:56 AM

I will  be deploying SRX 240H HA clusters from a third party integrator who will do the initial config and then ship to job site.  These clusters will be put on line at the job site and added to NSM about 2 weeks before cut over. 


What is the best practice licensing procedure for a cluster in regard to this scenario?  What should be done in staging and what should be done after it is entered into NSM?