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IKEv2 Traffic Slector in 17.X

‎04-16-2018 12:43 AM

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We are currently running multiple vSRX's (15.1X49D120) in Azure with IKEv2 VPNS's and Traffic Selectors. We are starting a change to upgrade these to 17.X, but I can't find out which version we need to run to keep the option of using traffic selectors with IKEv2. So my question is, is this possible and which 17.X version do we need to run?




Chris Donkelaar

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‎04-19-2018 12:13 AM

Re: IKEv2 Traffic Slector in 17.X

‎04-17-2018 03:19 AM

Typically in Junos once a feature is introduced it is in all the subsequent releases too unless it gets deprecated and replaced with a new feature.  Feature explorer then lists the version where the feature was added by platform.  This shows that vSRX should be good from version 15.1x49 and up.



Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador
IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro Ethernet & ISP)
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Re: IKEv2 Traffic Slector in 17.X

‎04-19-2018 12:22 AM

Thank you Steve. The feature explore does indeed show that 17.3R1 is not supported, and in 18.1R1 there is still an open problem with traffic selectors I see. We will lab it first before implenting it.