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SRX Services Gateway

LACP between SRX650 and Cisco6500

‎01-15-2015 07:33 AM

Hello experts,


I'm having difficulties with traffic throughput after implementing link-aggregation between SRX650 and Cisco6500. Traffic drops appear for some reason, then traffic is ok, then drops again.


Topology looks like this:


[Router] -------- 10 Gig -------- [Cisco6500] -------- 2x 1Gig -------- [SRX650]



Layer 3 addresses are configured on Router and SRX650. Cisco is only layer2 between them. But link-aggregation is implemented at this segment, between Cisco and SRX. Other end between Cisco and Router is single 10Gig link.


On SRX650 two ge interfaces are bundled into aggregated ethernet interface and LACP active is applied.


Juniper config:


user@SRX650# show interfaces ae0
aggregated-ether-options {
  minimum-links 1;
  lacp {
unit 10 {
  vlan-id 10;
  family inet {
unit 20 {
  vlan-id 20;
  family inet {

Cisco CatOS config:


set channelprotocol lacp 8
set port lacp-channel 8/20,8/27 990
set port lacp-channel 8/20,8/27 mode active


Is there anything I'm missing here? Why would these drops in traffic appear?


Thanks in advance!