SRX Services Gateway
SRX Services Gateway

Matching interface to bandwidth for Default CoS to work

04.18.12   |  
‎04-18-2012 10:45 AM

I think I've found my issue?  It seems that the SRX has a default COS setup. The problem is that I am linked at 1gbps but my bandwidth is only 15mbps, this is controlled downstream at the vendor router, so my SRX only knows it has a 1gbps connection to it's upstream router.


I think I want to do something like this...


+  class-of-service {
+      interfaces {
+          ge-0/0/1 {
+              unit 0 {
+                  shaping-rate 15m;
+              }
+          }
+      }
+  }


But when I applied it I got an error stating: Warning: 'per-unit-scheduler', 'hierarchical-scheduler', or 'shared scheduler' for this interface is required for bandwidth configuration on interface unit


I don't think I want a per-unit-scheduler as I'm not using Frame Relay or VLANs on this port.


Is there a simple something I am missing to finish this without setting up custom queues etc... I don't want to set any traffic prioritization or anything, I just want all my users to have a better internet browsing experience