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Need help understanding setup of EWF on SRX

‎12-28-2017 03:06 PM



I am new here and new to the sophisticated router our SRX320.

This may not be the correct forum to ask this but, I have limited knowledge of installing and configuring

the UTM package that I purchased. Also, that it was brought to my attention the support is only break and fix, therefore

Juniper does not help with setting up the device. I was told that Dell would assist you through the setup process but I

was told that the Juniper was a better product and had better support.

Any help would be greatky appreciated,

Thank You


SRX Services Gateway

Re: Need help understanding setup of EWF on SRX

‎12-29-2017 03:56 AM

Welcome to the SRX with UTM features.  Sorry you seem to be getting the run around from your vendor and support.  I have moved this to the correct forum category.


This general overview may help with understanding all the features in your license for UTM.


For the enhanced web filtering, these would be the basic setup instructions.


But you also need to be aware that many web sites these days use ssl instead of plan http.  This means the url is encrypted and cannot be read without decryption.  So you likely will also want to setup a ssl forward proxy on the SRX in order to control access to ssl sites.


As you are new to the SRX you may want to sign up for the free version of Junos Genius and check the tutorials available here.


Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador
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