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Packet mode interface failover

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‎10-06-2017 08:43 AM



We have two SRX in packet mode. their are two ISP link connected on per gateway for redundancy.

ISP1 is connected on ge-0/0/0 interface and ISP2 is connected on ge-0/0/1 interface.


Here if ISP1(Primary) down ISP2(Secondary) interface should start communicate. once ISP1 interface come up that should again become primary.


Kindly suggest configuration KB.


Thank you...

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Re: Packet mode interface failover

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‎10-06-2017 10:39 AM

You have 2 ISP connected to each SRX? If so you can use IP-Monitoring feature to failover traffic between the links.



If you are saying ISP1 is on SRX1 and ISP2 on SRX2, ignore this.

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