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Ping using interface

‎10-04-2016 08:22 AM

How to ping 


As i have several interfaces 


admin@FE-FW> show interfaces terse
Interface Admin Link Proto Local Remote
ge-0/0/0 up down
gr-0/0/0 up up
ip-0/0/0 up up
ge-0/0/1 up up
ge-0/0/2 up up
ge-0/0/2.0 up up aenet --> fab0.0
ge-0/0/3 up up
ge-0/0/3.0 up up aenet --> reth4.0
ge-0/0/4 up down
ge-0/0/5 up up
ge-0/0/5.0 up up aenet --> reth2.0
ge-0/0/6 up up
ge-0/0/6.0 up up aenet --> reth3.0
ge-0/0/7 up up
ge-0/0/7.0 up up aenet --> reth6.0
ge-0/0/8 up up
ge-0/0/8.0 up up aenet --> reth7.0
ge-0/0/9 up up
ge-0/0/9.0 up up aenet --> reth9.0
ge-0/0/10 up up
ge-0/0/10.0 up up aenet --> reth10.0
ge-0/0/11 up up
ge-0/0/11.0 up up aenet --> reth11.0
ge-0/0/12 up up
ge-0/0/12.0 up up aenet --> reth12.0
ge-0/0/13 up up
ge-0/0/13.0 up up aenet --> reth13.0
ge-0/0/14 up up
ge-0/0/14.0 up up aenet --> reth14.0
ge-0/0/15 up up
ge-0/0/15.0 up up aenet --> reth15.0
at-1/0/0 up down
ge-5/0/0 up down
ge-5/0/1 up up
ge-5/0/2 up up
ge-5/0/2.0 up up aenet --> fab1.0
ge-5/0/3 up up
ge-5/0/3.0 up up aenet --> reth4.0
ge-5/0/4 up down
ge-5/0/5 up up
ge-5/0/5.0 up up aenet --> reth2.0
ge-5/0/6 up up
ge-5/0/6.0 up up aenet --> reth3.0
ge-5/0/7 up up
ge-5/0/7.0 up up aenet --> reth6.0
ge-5/0/8 up up
ge-5/0/8.0 up up aenet --> reth7.0
ge-5/0/9 up up
ge-5/0/9.0 up up aenet --> reth9.0
ge-5/0/10 up up
ge-5/0/10.0 up up aenet --> reth10.0
ge-5/0/11 up up
ge-5/0/11.0 up up aenet --> reth11.0
ge-5/0/12 up up
ge-5/0/12.0 up up aenet --> reth12.0
ge-5/0/13 up up
ge-5/0/13.0 up up aenet --> reth13.0
ge-5/0/14 up up
ge-5/0/14.0 up up aenet --> reth14.0
ge-5/0/15 up up
ge-5/0/15.0 up up aenet --> reth15.0
at-6/0/0 up down
fab0 up up
fab0.0 up up inet
fab1 up up
fab1.0 up up inet
fxp0 up up
fxp0.0 up up inet --> 0/0
fxp1 up up
fxp1.0 up up inet
tnp 0x1100001
fxp2 up up
fxp2.0 up up tnp 0x1100001
gre up up
ipip up up
irb up up
lo0 up up
lo0.16384 up up inet --> 0/0
lo0.16385 up up inet --> 0/0 --> 0/0 --> 0/0 --> 0/0 --> 0/0
lo0.32768 up up
lsi up up
mtun up up
pimd up up
pime up up
pp0 up up
ppd0 up up
ppe0 up up
reth0 up down
reth1 up down
reth2 up up
reth2.0 up up inet
reth3 up up
reth3.0 up up inet
reth4 up up
reth4.0 up up inet
reth5 up down
reth6 up up
reth6.0 up up inet
reth7 up up
reth7.0 up up inet
reth8 up down
reth9 up up
reth9.0 up up inet
reth10 up up
reth10.0 up up inet
reth11 up up
reth11.0 up up inet
reth12 up up
reth12.0 up up inet
reth13 up up
reth13.0 up up inet
reth14 up up
reth14.0 up up inet
reth15 up up
reth15.0 up up inet
reth16 up down
reth17 up down
reth18 up down
reth19 up down
reth20 up down
reth21 up down
reth22 up down
reth23 up down
st0 up up
st0.1 down up inet
inet6 fe80::aad0:e50f:fca2:f380/64
st0.2 down up inet
inet6 fe80::aad0:e50f:fca2:f380/64
swfab0 up down
swfab1 up down
tap up up
vlan up up
vlan.0 up down inet



SRX Services Gateway

Re: Ping using interface

‎10-04-2016 06:15 PM

Hello ,


I am not sure if I got your query correctly , You need to ping ""  from your SRX sourcing an interface . If this is correct , you need to define a DNS under "edit system name-server "  . To ping google you can issue the following command from SRX :


> ping interface <interface name >


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