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Problem with SC Server. Urgent suggestion needed.

06.24.11   |  
‎06-24-2011 05:56 AM

Good day Sirs,


After I configured Integrated Web Filtering (IWF) on an SRX210, I typed the following command :


root@lab-srx210a> show security utm web-filtering status
 UTM web-filtering status:
    Server status: SC-CPA server down

Then after configuring some "traceoptions" files, I entered the following commands :


root@lab-srx210a> show log utmd-wf
Jun 24 13:09:54 cpa_send_ping_request

Jun 24 13:09:54 cpa ctx not ready

Jun 24 13:10:54 cpa_send_ping_request

Jun 24 13:10:54 cpa ctx not ready

and this display went on and on...............


I would like to know that is going wrong, and what i can do to rectify this anomaly.


Thank you.

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Re: Problem with SC Server. Urgent suggestion needed.

07.18.11   |  
‎07-18-2011 08:13 PM

Following trace logs appears, when the DNS name for the CPA server not resolved for any reason.
please “restart utmd immediately” to rectify the problem. It maybe transient DNS issue.


if above does not work, then it means DNS server unreachable from DUT.

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