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Reconnect 2nd SRX550 to the cluster

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‎10-05-2016 05:51 AM

Hey Everyone,

I have 2 SRX550s configured in a cluster. A little while back, the primary SRX was accidentally put into L2 mode. After this happened, the secondary SRX was powered down. JTAC was able to rollback to the previous config on the primary SRX which took it out of L2 mode. My problem is that the secondary SRX has not been powered back on for a few weeks. What will happen if I power it back on and it part of the cluster? When the primary SRX was placed into L2 mode, was the secondary SRX also placed into L2 mode? If so, will this cause issues if powered back on or will the secondary SRX automatically get its config from the primary SRX and everything will be ok? Is there a chance that the primary SRX will take the config of the secondary SRX (which is what I am afraid of!)?

Any insight would appreciated!


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Re: Reconnect 2nd SRX550 to the cluster

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‎10-05-2016 06:15 AM

The second node will take the config from the active note. I've done this several times and it never went wrong. Having said that I still would advice you to perform the action in a maintenance window. Better dave than sorry!

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Re: Reconnect 2nd SRX550 to the cluster

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‎10-05-2016 07:52 AM



I would suggest that you follow the action plan mentioned below to get the secondary into the cluster again, without any downtime :-


  • Connect only the control and fab links (Not the revenue ports).
  • Power on the secondary node.
  • Make sure it detects the node 0 as primary and takes the secondary role.
  • Verify all the cards are up(show chassis fpc) and connect the revenue ports.
  • Also make sure that the pre-empt is disabled else if node 1 has more priority than node0, automatic failover would be initiated.


Sahil Sharma


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