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RestAPI in JunosSpace 17.2

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‎11-08-2019 09:21 AM

I am looking for a creative solution to help automate a unique usecase within the company I work for.

Be warned I am a Junior Network Analyst, only passing my JNICA 2 months ago. 


I have no experience with APIs. 🙂 



I have a report being generated on a schedule. The report compares a configuration template against a device. 

Unfortunately with this type of job there is no way to automatically export the results, which is what i'd like to do.

This is so that it can be consumed by a Dashboard BI tool so we can quickly gauge what devices are in/out of compliance with certain patches/rollouts. 


From job management i can easily do the following:

- Right Click completed job

- View Job Details

- Export


And this gives me an XML of the report, altough i would prefer to get a CSV, this isn't a deal breaker, we can always convert it.



I was advised by one of our reps that via RestAPI we can do pretty much anything the GUI can do, automagically. 


I'd like to do the above and then save it to a specific directory, preferrably as a csv file. 



How can I go about starting this and building it. Any tips and assistance is appreciated.


Thank you 🙂


(apologies i see this is in the SRX Services Gateway discussion, not sure how to relocate)