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SRX 1400 Logical System Configuration

‎12-04-2012 05:46 AM

Hi all,

i'm planning an upgrade to a production SRX cluster, i would like to enable the logical systems on the machines and create a new logical system. Actually the cluster consists in two SRX1400 in an active/passive configuration, no particular or strange things.

I'm reading the config guide (Logical Systems Configuration Guide for SecurityDevices) and it seems a pretty straightforward configuration.

The only thing i cannot find in the docs is the impact of this configuration in a production machine, what happens when i enable the logical systems funtionality creating a new logical sys ? Can I do this in a production environment or should I plan for some downtime maintenance ?

The actual configuration remains in the "root" logical sys or should i do something to migrate the config to a logical sys aware config ?

Any particular/strange caveats regarding the HA config ? (on the docs the only thing i found was regarding the need of different licenses per physical node)


thanks !




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Re: SRX 1400 Logical System Configuration

‎08-12-2013 10:40 PM


can anyone share his experience regarding the combinarion of LSYS and HA plz

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Re: SRX 1400 Logical System Configuration

‎09-28-2013 08:17 AM

Hi M ,


Were you able to Upgrade sucessful and was there any Impact/downtime involved while implementing the Logical system functionality ?


Would also like to perform the same activity soon.