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SRX 210 Backup interface and load balance

06.29.10   |  
‎06-29-2010 12:11 AM



I have 2 adsl lines. I want to use one of them as backup line. Primary is on fe-0/0/7 Backup link is on : at-1/0/0 interface

I searched kb and found configurations but could not run :


set interfaces fe-0/0/7.0 backup-options interface at-1/0/0.0

error: interface: 'at-1/0/0.0': invalid value


I also tried to configure it from GUI but same problem happened.


I have the latest JunOS on my SRX device.


The second questions is:


Can I load balance these 2 adsl lines?

MCTS: Vista
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Re: SRX 210 Backup interface and load balance

07.02.10   |  
‎07-02-2010 01:10 PM

AFAIK all physical interfaces can be configued with backup-option for Dialer interface (dl0) only & also i dont think we support load blancing.