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SRX 240 MIBs/Alarms/Events Info Required

12.08.09   |  
‎12-08-2009 08:45 AM

Hi Guys


I have two SRX240's setup in cluster mode and I want to be able to send traps to our Tivoli Management Server. I have looked at the Enterprise level MIBs that are available but cannot find any info on one specifically required alarm from the customer, "when secondary box enters disabled state after control, data-plane goes down" and a manual reload of the secondary box is required to bring it back into the chassis, is there a MIB for this that I can download to Tivoli ? We are not configuring the control-plane auto reload feature.

I plan on configuring OOB Mngt on ge0/0/0 and ge5/0/0(fp0) across both boxes but the client has now asked if the secondary box could send an alarm to the primary box advising that it is in a disabled state and then just have Tivoli monitor the primary SRX.  I need some mechanism to alert me if the Secondary enters disabled state.



Appreciate any and all help guys


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Re: SRX 240 MIBs/Alarms/Events Info Required

12.10.09   |  
‎12-10-2009 08:46 PM

 I think I am mis-understanding - if the cluster has spit and the secondary is in such a state that it cannot probably can't send any sensible messages either, right?

I suspect this is a job for Junos automation: