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SRX 240 cluster failover reason/date

07.20.17   |  
‎07-20-2017 09:10 PM

Hi ,


We have two SRX box in HA. Our primary box had issues it was not healthy we had to do RMA to that box.


I want to check the logs to find out when the failover happened becuase we got to know on 16 july 2017 that device is failed but our monitoring team is saying that device was down since 12 july 2017. Is there any logs file which have this information (when which device was primary and when which device was secondary and when failover happened).



Pankaj Kumar

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Re: SRX 240 cluster failover reason/date

07.21.17   |  
‎07-21-2017 01:05 AM

Try "SRX>show chassis cluster information detail ". this will tell when the last failovers occured and the reason for the same.


NOte: "detail" option is hidden and you have to type it.


More details can be found on "SRX> show log jsrpd" if the logs are not overwritten yet.



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