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SRX Services Gateway

SRX 240 like IPS growing the latency in network

05.05.12   |  
‎05-05-2012 02:12 PM


Hi my name is Giancarlo, i have a srx 240 configured in mode transparent with IDP license. I worked it firewall with 31 vlans, joining three vlans by zone, and moreover 10 policies.


When i put the firewall in production, i observed the latency was growing and the the access to the resources in the network are slowed.


The srx is conected with a ssg 350 juniper in layer 3 like firewall of internet (under of this firewalls). The srx i only need like the idp.


I don't kwon how can i configuring all the 31 vlans, and pass traffic about it from the firewall ssg 350 to the network.


Please colud you help me to configuring it firewall like idp