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SRX 550 ethernet aggregate configuration

‎05-25-2017 02:59 AM

Hi team

I have four SRX 550 devices at two data center.

below is the topology.


SRX1 DC1 connected to SRX2 DC2 via 1G link.

SRX3 DC1 connected to SRX4 DC2 via 1G link.


i need to know is there any chance i can do ethernet aggregate for these 2x1G link and make a single 2G link with these four devices, so if any one device gets fail still i can use 1G BW.


Note : currently there is no connection between SRX1 to SRX 3 and SRX2 to SRX4


SRX1 (DC1)----------------------1G-------------------SRX2 (DC2)


SRX3 (DC1)------------------------1G-------------------SRX4 (DC2)

SRX Services Gateway

Re: SRX 550 ethernet aggregate configuration

‎05-26-2017 02:30 AM

You would have to use switches in between SRXes. For example


SRX1 (DC1)------1G------VC                                             VC-------1G---------SRX2 (DC2)

                                                  ==2G MC LAG Trunk==

SRX3 (DC1)------1G------VC                                              VC-------1G--------SRX4 (DC2)