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SRX 650 reboots in cluster mode with NAT

05.04.10   |  
‎05-04-2010 08:23 AM

Anyone have performance issues with SRX 650's in cluster mode, running a high number of static DST-NATs - approximately 200? I don't consider 200 static NAT rules that high considering the CPU/Memory capability of 650's, but the master node continues to reboot approximately every 12 hours. A replacement 650 was put in it's place, but the same thing happens, it almost seems like a bug. It is not a power issue.


Occurs with versions 10.0r2 and 10.0r3.



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Re: SRX 650 reboots in cluster mode with NAT

05.16.10   |  
‎05-16-2010 01:11 PM

the number of rules for src/dest/static NAT limitation depends on the platform, I don't remember the exact number for srx650 right now.


However reboot shouldn't happen if commit goes thorough. Please open JTAC ticket in anycase.




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