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SRX DHCP client sends discover request with TTL=1

‎07-16-2011 11:08 AM

I've searched and searched, but I am unable to find a solution.  I don't know why this works sometimes and not others, but I'm using an SRX 210 and Comcast is my ISP.  I cannot pull a DHCP address right now, and I suspect it is either because comcast cannot deal with a TTL of 1, or my motorola surfboard modem drops it.  i'm leaning toward the former.


I can connect with my PC direct to the modem and get an IP from comcast.  my PC sends a TTL of 128.  when i plug in the fw, it uses a TTL of 1 and will not pull an address.  when I sniff, it looks like i get a response, but due to how cable works, they are responses to other customers.  So, i never get a DHCP offer, and because the only people in their tech support you can talk to are the level 1's that just tell you to reboot your modem/router/pc, they are no help.


So, my question becomes, how the heck do I configure the SRX to use a higher TTL value when acting as a DHCP client?  i'm not doing relay or anything of the sort.


If this is not currently possible, how do I get it added as an option under the interface dhcp config?

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Re: SRX DHCP client sends discover request with TTL=1

‎07-18-2011 06:45 AM



I'm not sure if TTL=1 for DHCP packet can be considered an SRX problem, but here's the

doc that briefly describes how to open an enhancement request (sec. 3.7)


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