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SRX VPN Routed Many Source-Many Destinations Nat Into SRX

‎04-30-2014 09:10 AM

Hi Juniper Colleagues,


Are there any any link, any kind or experienced person or any guide to show me how to develop a VPN Route Based VPN with many Sources behind SRX to many Destinations in many Ports and how to apply Nat before Tunnel into??

From SRX to ASA flow

          SRX                                                                                                                                   ASA

SrcA+SrcB (SourceNAT) SrcANatted+SrcBNatted --------VPN INTERNET ------ DstA+DstB+DstC



From ASA to SRX flow

       ASA                                                                                  SRX

DstA+DstB+DstC  ------ VPN INTERNET ------ Destination NAT SrcA+SrcB



First of all.- Guide for Route Based VPN with Many Sources and Many Destination and services ( I chose st0.0 and st0.1 multipoint and two proxy-id local for every flow, and does not work)


Second of all.- Guide for Natted VPN into SRX "Nat Before Tunnel"


I tried to configure SNat  but no hits into

I tried to configure DNAT but no hit into


Please if you know or experienced this issue and solved it, please share!!!



SRX Services Gateway

Re: SRX VPN Routed Many Source-Many Destinations Nat Into SRX

‎04-30-2014 10:27 AM

Does Anyone use this method instead multipoint and individaly proxy-id with flows for this scenario??