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SRX and Citrix XenApp/Desktop

‎08-14-2016 05:36 AM


At work we are running two SRX 5800 in a HA cluster. At home I'm running a vSRX firewall.


I have issues connecting (externaly) to an Citrix farm (with netscaler) at work (in another DC) - I can connect fine but after 10-15 seconds the connection freezes.


I'm also running Citrix at home (also trought netscaler) and that works fine both from my home vSRX and the office SRX 5800.


Citrix should normally rely on HTTPS only to make it as firewall friendly as possible, I have not done any tweaking what so ever with SRX apart from an source NAT and allow https outbound.


Has anyone experienced the same and can perhaps guide me in the right direction? Thanks

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Re: SRX and Citrix XenApp/Desktop

‎08-14-2016 06:53 AM

Most of the issues that I've seen working with Netscaler have been related to the communications between the DMZ server and the internal web server, auth server or presentation server on the connection.  The DMZ out to the client side is all on https but these internal communications to the back end servers off to the final resource have other ports involved and can be to different servers for different parts of the process.


You description sounds like the issue will be with the presentation server or the resource downstream of that.

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Re: SRX and Citrix XenApp/Desktop

‎08-14-2016 01:59 PM

Thanks for your feedback

One important pice of information that i might have missed in my original post: Accessing the Citrix using Netscaler works well from a mobile broadband connection. i.e. sharing my 3G connection from my phone over Wi-Fi.


Other employees also find it working well from home, but not that many runs Juniper SRX as firewalls at home Smiley Happy