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SRX Services Gateway

SRX - pppoe is change of host-uniq possible ?

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‎11-09-2019 06:17 AM

I am trying to connect Juniper SRX to local internet provider which requires PPPoE.


On providers side there is a Mikrotik which acts as pppoe server and in between numerous networking devices including UBNT client device which works in bridge mode.


SRX sends PADI frame with "host-uniq" set as 0x0000 and it expects to receive a PADO frame in return which never arrives.


Local internet provider has carried out analysis in their network and found that Mikrotik responds correctly with PADO frame which correctly includes 0x0000 in "host-uniq" field. Then UBNT client device working in bridge mode receives that PADO frame and sadly never passes it to SRX.  This seems to happen only for frames which have 0x0000 in "host-uniq" field.


Is there a way to define in SRX what is going to be sent in "host-uniq" field for PADI frame in pppoe ? 


Any other ideas how to resolve this ?