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SRX100--PPPoE but NO internal traffic... HELP!

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‎03-22-2011 07:12 AM

Hello!! I am new to the Juniper hardware and JUNOS systems... so bear with me please!


We have an SRX100 connected to a DSL MODEM. The PPPoE connection is OK (after a bit of figuring out due to AT&T's config). We are able to ping internet addresses from the SRX, EXCEPT when using the advanced option of pinging from the INTERNAL address... needless to say, there is NO traffic to the inside.


I have read several posts and have played with the NAT, and ROUTING (static) options... to no avail. I also opened the flood gates (allowing all protocols and system services on all interfaces) just to see if it worked... and nothing... of course that I reversed all changes and left the attached example basically with only the working PPPoE, internal IP config, and most default configs...


I am unsure if this is a routing problem... a NAT problem or something else I am overlooking due to my lack of experience with this system.


Here is my config. Any help is much appreciated!! ... this box will eventually will have a site-to-site VPN config if that needs to be taken into consideration for anything here...


Again... MANY THANKS!!


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Re: SRX100--PPPoE but NO internal traffic... HELP!

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‎03-22-2011 09:03 AM

You aren't going to be able to ping a device on the Internet when you source traffic from a local/RFC1918 address without NAT.


Looking at your configuration there's no NAT configured and this would be the cause of your problem.


Take a look at the following application note for more details how to configuire NAT.

Doug Hanks

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Re: SRX100--PPPoE but NO internal traffic... HELP!

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‎03-22-2011 09:35 AM

Very helpful!! ... I was under the wrong impression that little had to be done to the NAT config out of the box... by looking at this application note I can see now where I was wrong and need to correct (actually configure) NAT for our basic needs...