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SRX110 - FTP Server with User anonymous

‎07-30-2018 06:46 AM

Hi Community,


I'm trying to use a SRX110 as an FTP server for the ZTP. DHCP is running and FTP service is started. But I can not use the user anonymous. I tried to log in to the SRX from an EX3300 via FTP. But that works only with local users with password.

Can I set up anonymous FTP usage on an SRX?


Thank you in advance.


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Re: SRX110 - FTP Server with User anonymous

‎08-10-2018 11:33 AM



I did some reserach and I didnt find an option for using FTP Anonymous login with the SRX so I dont think this is supported. As you said the only way to establsih a FTP connection with the SRX is to use a real username/password however not necessarily from the local database of the SRX. External Authentication Server options exists like LDAP and Radius so that when the SRX prompts the user for username/password, then the SRX will contact an external server to validate the data provided by the enduser.

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