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SRX210 anti-spam feature implementation issue

12.25.11   |  
‎12-25-2011 02:37 PM

Hi Everyone,


Merry Xmas and happy new year to you all.


Follow the instruction on KB17286, I tried to setup the anti-spam feature on my SRX210 after purchasing and enter the feature license:


set security utm utm-policy spam-block anti-spam smtp-profile junos-as-defaults

Verification of UTM Anti-Spam Working:

root@APESMAMelSRX> show security utm anti-spam status
SBL Whitelist Server:
SBL Blacklist Server:

DNS Server:
    Primary  :, Src Interface: ge-0/0/0
    Secondary:, Src Interface: ge-0/0/1
    Ternary  :, Src Interface: fe-0/0/2

 Using any ip from the top 100 to check the status (, e.g., checking the feature status, and the results were "Return NON SPAM..."

root@APESMAMelSRX> test security utm anti-spam profile as-profile test-string
Anti-spam test result:
Return NON SPAM, action Pass, reason No match

 However, another query indicated that the anti-spam feature was working:

root@APESMAMelSRX> show security utm anti-spam statistics
 UTM Anti Spam statistics:

Total connections:     4123
Denied connections:    2106
Total greetings:       1325
Denied greetings:      0
Total e-mail scanned:  1308
White list hit:        0
Black list hit:        0
Spam total:            0
Spam tagged:           0
Spam dropped:          0
DNS errors:            0
Timeout errors:        0
Return errors:         0
Invalid parameter errors: 0

Statistics start time: 12/22/2011 09:46:04
Statistics for the last 10 days (permitted emails / spams):
day 1: 1/0


is the anti-spam feature really working? Fact is that spams are delivered to the users's inbox. I am not sure what has been missing.


Could you please help?


Thanks in advance,