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SRX240 Max BGP Peers

‎05-17-2017 08:33 AM



Could someone tell me if the max BGP peers of the SRX240 is accurate?


The reason I ask is that the documentation says 32, but I have well over 100 now (these are iBGP peers).


Does anyone know (as I cant find it via the usual search engines) what the max BGP peers are for an SRX340?



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Re: SRX240 Max BGP Peers

‎05-28-2017 04:26 AM

I've not noticed license limits on the number of BGP peers.  But on branch devices I would pay close attention to memory utilization on such a large number of peers to make sure the device is not stretching any hardware limitation.


There are limits generally posted for the size of the routing table and these are also driven by memory.  so I would have a look at that parameter as well.


These are not hard license limits but recommended limits based on the capacity of the hardware available on the device.

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