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SRX240 and PS4

‎08-09-2018 05:07 PM

First of all, I know Juniper is not happy that some of their equipment is on the secondary market and is being used for various purposes. I am an expert net-savvy person who has purchased an SRX240 for home use. I have learned JunOS in my spare time and have been programming this thing to work in my home. Overall it works great. I have been very happy with the product. Unfortunately, I have not had a good experience with Juniper, the company. I called and offered to set up some sort of support contract, so that I can download updates, etc, but they did not want to have anything to do with me. They are going to have to accept that there are smart people out here capable of using their equipment outside of a corporate setting, but we have not gotten there yet...


I have burned up several of the high end home routers - I need something better.


Anyway, as the SRX240 is designed for enterprise settings, and not home settings, it does not support UPnP, and this is very reasonable. However, the Sony PS4 wants to use UPnP. Therefore we have to work around the problem.


I have set up the correct source and destination NAT for the system. The problem is that I need to open tcp ports 6000-7000 and udp ports 6000-7000 to the gaming console. The version of JunOS that I have, 12.1X44, does not support port range in destination nat. In order to open these ports I will have to do it one port at a time for 2000 ports.


There is updated firmware available for my unit, but I am not allowed rto download it outside of a service contract, and Juniper is unwilling to give me a service contract.


Could somebody do me a solid and either email me the latest firmware for this device, or if someone at Juniper is paying attention, figure out how you are going to deal with people like me, because I am not the only one?


Thank you for your consideration.


Any ideas for other workarounds would be appreciated.

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Re: SRX240 and PS4

‎08-09-2018 05:14 PM

PM me.  Lets see what we can do.