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SRX300 Can't upgrade software to 17.3R1

‎11-06-2017 08:33 AM



I downloaded the 17.3R1 software from juniper web site. But when I try to upload it from Jweb, It shows the following error : 

The software package () was not a Junos package.

Installation of the package () is not supported.


My current version is 15.1X49-D100.6.

Is this version 17.3R1 support SRX300 ?  Or is there another way to upgrade it ?


One more question,

Is 17.3R1 support client to site VPN server ? Like using smartphone to connect it by ipsec VPN?

Because I set up dynamic VPN now but it can't connect by my iPhone.



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Re: SRX300 Can't upgrade software to 17.3R1

‎11-06-2017 09:12 AM
1. you may try doing an upgrade via cli.
2. make sure your package name extension is .tgz.
3. before upgrade, verify the check using following kb.
4. try to upgrade using cli.
5. if issue persists, download the package again & transfer it to SRX via winscp instead of FTP.
6. verify checksum
7. do upgrade.

Accept this as solution if it resolved your issue.
Kudos would be appreciated too.