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SRX3400 flow debug always include VRRP message?

12.25.10   |  
‎12-25-2010 07:56 AM

Hello experts,

  I'm new to the SRX, recently I'm playing with the flow debug, configuration like below


show security flow
traceoptions {
    file debugtraffic size 5000000 files 10 world-readable;
    flag basic-datapath;
    packet-filter M2 {

but  when look at the log,  VRRP messages??( were included, sw is 10.2R1.8,  appreciate your comment.



C-02Smiley TongueIC-00:THREAD_ID-30:RT:nat_rule_get_ifmip_rt: ctx_type 0, ctx-id 90
C-02Smiley TongueIC-00:THREAD_ID-30:RT:nat_rule_get_ifmip_rt: ctx_type 1, ctx-id 6
C-02Smiley TongueIC-00:THREAD_ID-30:RT:nat_rule_get_ifmip_rt: ctx_type 2, ctx-id 5
C-02Smiley TongueIC-00:THREAD_ID-30:RT:nat_get_mapped_or_incoming_dip: map_index 0 for dst/new IP on interface reth1.0(root)
C-02Smiley TongueIC-00:THREAD_ID-30:RT:nat_get_mapped_or_incoming_dip: diff 0, calls 0
C-02Smiley TongueIC-00:THREAD_ID-30:RT:nat_dst_xlate_ip_port: src-ip, dst-ip, dst_port 1
C-02Smiley TongueIC-00:THREAD_ID-30:RT:nat_dst_rule_match: lsys 0, src-ip, dst-ip, dst-port 1
C-02Smiley TongueIC-00:THREAD_ID-30:RT:nat_dst_rule_match: nat-rule-tree not inited, aka, no rule exists, src 0, dst 0
C-02Smiley TongueIC-00:THREAD_ID-30:RT:nat_dst_xlate_ip_port: no rule found...