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SRX345 does not support RPM ICMP-ING ?

‎09-15-2019 07:22 PM

Hi, Guys,

Just would like to know if SRX345 supports RPM icmp-ping for IP SLA feature ?

Since the following link mentions :

( On SRX340 devices, the RPM server operation with icmp is not supported. The RPM server works fine with TCP and UDP ) 


If so for testing the IP of ISP gateway with SRX345, which way will be best :

1. ISP does not provide UPD-port and TCP-port for RPM test

2. HTTP is not the common protocol nowadays


Thanks for advice


Benson LEI




SRX Services Gateway

Re: SRX345 does not support RPM ICMP-ING ?

‎09-15-2019 10:14 PM



I believe you meant to say SRX340 instead of SRX345. Yes, on the SRX340 ICMP probes for RPM is not supported.


Instead of monitoring the next-hop (gw) IP with icmp I would suggest to monitor some service on the internet, for eg: This would be an HTTP GET test which is supported. This way it would also ensure the internet path is validated rather than just the next-hop reachability.