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SRX3600 Throughput

‎05-21-2014 11:57 PM

Dear All,


I am new to this blog and i have a query for SRX3600 throughput.


One of our partners would like to run a demo for Juniper Firewall at customer site, and looking to use SRX3600 or higher where the customer looking for 40G performance.
The main objective of the demo is to Test Link between two sites
The POC requirement

1.Very heavy data transfer from Site 1 to Site 2 SIPMAP which we need to segregate it from the existing firewall zoning infrastructure.
2. Cope with the Upgrade the sip map infrastructure from 10g to 40 g and move from terabit of data transfer to pita bytes.The exiting internal firewall cannot handle this amount of traffic
due to its lower throughput
3. Test SDS application which is used by Site 2 to transfer
4. Checklist of items to be checked in Cisco ASA to conclude the PoC as successful

- Maximum firewall throughput during the SDMS transfer.
- Impact of the firewall ACL on the throughput.
- Impact of the IPS inspection on the firewall throughput and data delay.
- Enable application inspection and see the impact on the application performance.
- Firewall UTM.


As the base model needs atleast 1 SPC and 1 NPC, how many SPC and NPC should we provide to achieve the required throughput of 40G performance? Should we also need to provide 10G modules if yes how many?



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Re: SRX3600 Throughput

‎05-27-2014 07:07 AM

this datsheet might help :


for further details you need to contact your juniper SE or accounts team for details.

no one else would provide better or correct information.




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