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Setup SRX cluster

‎02-09-2018 02:02 PM

Hello Experts,


This is the first time I am trying to setup clustering in a SRX firewall.  So please excuse if there is any silly mistake I made.

I have done the configs in both the devices and then connected ge-0/0/1 on both the devices together.


user@srx-a> show configuration chassis cluster 
reth-count 2;
redundancy-group 1 {
    node 0 priority 200;
redundancy-group 0 {
    node 0 priority 200;



user@srx-a> show chassis cluster interfaces    
Control link status: Down

Control interfaces: 
    Index   Interface   Monitored-Status   Internal-SA   Security
    0       fxp1        Down               Disabled      Disabled  

Fabric link status: Down

Fabric interfaces: 
    Name    Child-interface    Status                    Security

Redundant-ethernet Information:     
    Name         Status      Redundancy-group
    reth0        Down        Not configured   
    reth1        Down        Not configured   
Redundant-pseudo-interface Information:
    Name         Status      Redundancy-group
    lo0          Up          0                



user@srx-a> show version 
Hostname: srx-a
Model: srx345-dual-ac
Junos: 15.1X49-D110.4
JUNOS Software Release [15.1X49-D110.4]


Secondary Device:


root> show chassis cluster status
Monitor Failure codes:
    CS  Cold Sync monitoring        FL  Fabric Connection monitoring
    GR  GRES monitoring             HW  Hardware monitoring
    IF  Interface monitoring        IP  IP monitoring
    LB  Loopback monitoring         MB  Mbuf monitoring
    NH  Nexthop monitoring          NP  NPC monitoring
    SP  SPU monitoring              SM  Schedule monitoring
    CF  Config Sync monitoring

Cluster ID: 1
Node   Priority Status         Preempt Manual   Monitor-failures

Redundancy group: 0 , Failover count: 0
node0  0        lost           n/a     n/a      n/a
node1  1        secondary      no      no       None


Can you please check this and let me what is wrong with this config?

SRX Services Gateway

Re: Setup SRX cluster

‎02-09-2018 07:53 PM
first your control link should be up (i.e. - ge-0/0/1).

Then only the further troubleshooting moves.

Check the cable first between control ports.

also, both of the srx are running the same version.

Hope the node id and cluster id are configured as per following kb..

Accept this as solution if it resolved your issue.
Kudos would be appreciated too.